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Recommended Flute Players

Marcas O'Murchu
Marcas O'Murchu. Photo copyright Christy McNamara.

Thanks to Hervé Yésou of Strasbourg, France for providing album numbers and other details for many of these recordings, as well as for alerting me to a number of flute players that I hadn't heard of before. You'll notice that information is lacking for some players; if you can provide more details or want to suggest others for the list, please .

In addition to the individual players listed in the table below, don't overlook the great flute anthologies available.

If you have trouble finding any of these recordings, try any of the following distributors: Ossian USA, Claddagh Records (Ireland), Celtic Grooves Imports (USA), Elderly Instruments (USA), or The Knotted Chord (Ennis, Co. Clare)

NOTE: Be sure to check out the excellent discography of Irish flute music on Gordon Turbull's web site, The Flow.

List of Recommended Players




Hanz Araki Seattle-based flute player and singer. Plays with the group Setanta and the Casey Neill Trio; formerly with The Paperboys. See his Web site for details on recordings.
Troy Bannon Flute player with the Dublin-based band, Providence. See the Providence Web site for details.
Sylvain Barou Excellent flute player from France. He plays in the band Sualtam (new CD available) and duos with the Breton guitar player Jean Charles Guichen and the Belgian guitarist Philip Masure. Duo Philip Masure; Sualtam
Sarah Bauhan Talented New England player on Boehm-system wooden flute and Abell whistles. Has written some great tunes. Three solo recordings as well as guest appearances on many other albums. "Chasing the New Moon" (1991)
" The Untamed Grasses (1993)
" Broad Waters" (1999)
Visit her web site for information on availability of her CDs.
Tara Bingham See Tara Diamond See Tara Diamond
Michel Bonamy The flute and sax player with Mary Custy's band; his excellent solo cassette "Celtic Contraband" is worth hunting down (probably available only in Ireland). No details available
Turlach Boylan Flute player from Derry now living in Texas. Two solo CDs, "The Tidy Cottage" and "Shame the Devil," and "The Derry Boat" with the Gleann an Íolair Ceilí Band, available on Turlach's own label, Big Plain Records.
Harry Bradley Brilliant Dublin-based flute player, plays with lots of energy and great rhythm. Several albums, including "Bad Turns and Horse-shoe Bends," Outlet PTICD 9000, available from Outlet Music, "As I Carelessly Did Stray," distributed by Claddagh, and "The Tap Room Trio" with Jessie Smith, also distributed by Claddagh. In May, 2005, Harry Bradley and Paul O'Shaughnessy released a great new duet CD entitled "...Born for Sport," also distributed by Claddagh. In January 2007 Harry will be coming out with a new solo album.
Vincent Broderick Noted Galway flute player (now living in Dublin), composer of many well-known tunes. Some recordings may be available, plus "The Turoe Stone" cassette and book of his tunes, published by Walton's in Dublin, ISBN 1 85720 061.
Conor Byrne Excellent flute player from Dublin. Duet album "Bavan" with fiddler Méabh O'Hare released in 2003. Solo album "Wind Dancer" on Newberry Recordings CB 001, distributed by Claddagh (currently out of print)
Laura Byrne Great Baltimore-based flute player with a lovely, flowing style. Solo album "Tune for the Road" is available through Laura's website.
David Canteini Flute, sax, and bombarde player with Wild Asparagus, a very popular New England contradance band. Eclectic woodwind CD "Red Rock" includes a nice flute duet of reels with Mark Roberts. Contact Dig Dig Music, 105 Hawks Road, Deerfield, MA 01342, USA. Tel: +1 413 772 6840.
James Carty Excellent flute player from London, of Roscommon and Connemara parents. CD "Upon My Soul" released in 2006, available from johncartymusic.com. Accompanied by Alec Finn on bouzouki, Francis Gaffney on guitar, John Blake on piano, and Joe Kennedy on bodhran. James is also joined by his father, John P Carty, and his brother, the well known fiddler and banjo player John Carty.
Paddy Carty Late, great flute player from Loughrea, Co. Galway; played the Radcliffe-system flute. "Traditional Music of Ireland," with fiddler Conor Tully. Trad HC 002, GTD Heritage label (Distributed by Ossian Publications). His 1970s album on Shanachie with banjo player Mick O'Connor was reissued on CD, no. 34017.
Malo Carvou Flute player from Brittany with a swing-influenced style; plays with the group Ozan Trio CD, "Koñsert," with Ozan Trio
Blayne Chastain Flute, whistle, and bodhran player and teacher. CD, "Fiddle and Flute," with fiddler Natalie Padilla and pianist/composer Peter Romero, released in 2011.
June Ní Chormaic Brilliant young Sligo flute player, 1998 winner in the Josie McDermott flute competition and winner of other prestigious awards. Plays with her husband, harpist and concertina player Micheál Ó Ruanaigh Recorded with the band Siona, Album "Launching the Boat," DOORLA 001.Distributed by Claddagh, Ossian, and others. Also appears on "Cumar" a compilation CD by Cló Iar-Chonnachta. Flute and harp duet CD with Michael Rooney, entitled "Draoight" was released in 2004. See June and Michael's website for details.
Neansai Ní Choisdealbha Galway-based flute player, plays a mixture of East Galway/Roscommon style. Can be heard on "Cumar," a compilation CD put out by Cló Iar-Chonnachta
Billy Clifford Kerry flute player "Irish Traditional Flute Solos and Band Music from Kerry and Tipperary," Ossian OSS-11.
Jack Coen Great East Galway flute player, sparsely ornamented style. Recording, "The Branch Line" with his brother, concertina player Charlie Coen, also "Warming Up" with Seamus Connolly, Martin Mulhare, and Felix Dolan; both albums available from Green Linnet. Also released a solo album accompanied by his son Jimmy on guitar, in 2001.
Eamonn Cotter Excellent Clare flute player and flute maker. Lovely flowing style. "Traditional Music of Clare," and (in 2012) "The Knotted Chord."e; Also plays with the group "Shaskeen," and makes fine flutes. See our interview with Eamonn
Kevin Crawford One of the world's leading Irish flute players. Has recorded solo, with Moving Cloud ceili band, and now also with Lunasa. Powerful, inventive playing laden with ornamentation and variations. "In Good Company" (flute duets with some of Ireland's leading fiddlers) was released in late February 2001. Also "D Flute Album" and several albums with the bands Lunasa and Moving Cloud. CDs are available through Green Linnet. Also "Raise the rafters," Celtic Prime Leisure Records CCD002, distributed by Ossian.
P.J. Crotty The late P.J. Crotty was a brilliant flute player from Co. Clare. "Happy to Meet" with fiddler James Cullinan and pianist Carol Cullinan is one of the best flute-fiddle recordings I've heard. Crotty, who died in early 2005, will be missed. He also recorded two albums with Le Ceile in London.
Eamonn DeBarra Born in Dublin in a very musical family. Won the Young Traditional Musician of the Year award in 2000. Plays in the band Slide The FLying Pig (with the band Slide)
Tara Diamond Daughter of northern flute player Leslie Bingham and sister of popular Clare concertina player Terry Bingham, Tara is an excellent musician with a flowing, relaxed style. Often teaches at the Willie Clancy Summer School. No details available
John Doonan Traditional Irish music on fife and piccolo. He died in 2002. "At the Feis," Ossian OSS 42. Fife and piccolo.
Tom Doorley Flute player with the popular Irish group Danu. Several recordings by the group Danu, no solo album available to date.
Brian Duke From Roscommon. Has won three All Ireland titles. Plays with the group Cian. Three CDs recorded with the group Cian.
Josh Dukes Fine flute player, guitarist, and bouzouki player based in the Washington, DC, area. CD "The Long Trip Home" released in 2008. Available from Celtic Grooves or CD Baby.
Packie Duignan Packie was a legendary flute player from Arigna, Co. Roscommon, strongly influenced by John McKenna. "Traditional Irish Music From Co. Leitrim, on Ossian.
Seamus Egan Talented and inventive flute player and multi-instrumentalist. You can read an interview (from Dirty Linen magazine) here Several solo albums on Shanachie, and plays with the band Solas
Brian Finnegan Very creative flute player from Armagh; Distinctive style with lots of tongued (staccato) triplets and other tongued ornamentation. Also plays in the band Flook! See our interview with Brian. Solo album "When the Party's Over," on Acoustic Radio, ARAD CD 101 (currently may be out of print). Also several albums with the band Flook!
Michael Flatley Mr. Riverdance/Lord of the Dance was an All-Ireland flute player as well as a dancer before he hit the big time. Solo album is "Michael Flatley," BUACD 9501, distributed by Claddagh
Frankie Gavin Famous fiddler with the group DeDannan, he is also an excellent flute player. Album "Frankie Goes to Town" is available on Green Linnet Also "Up and Away," a fine flute album recorded in 1983 and recently re-issued on CD by Gael Linn. He plays flute on numerous other albums, including the great London-based fiddler Brian Rooney's CD "The Godfather."
Mick Gavin Strong traditional Irish flute player, great rhythm and lift. Album "The flags of Dublin" with Paddy Glackin and Michael O'Brien, a Topic LP released in 1980 and reissued on tape by Ossian OSS 31.
Hammy Hamilton Author of the Irish Flute Player's Handbook, flute maker, and fine flute player. Re-issue of his early cassette "The Moneymusk," is now available on CD (with additional tracks) from Ossian. See our interview with Hammy
Erwan Hamon Excellent Breton flute player; studied with Jean-Michel Veillon. See his Myspace page for sound samples and latest information on recordings.
Mick Hand Excellent flute player in Dublin Recorded with Baker's Well (Claddagh CCF20CD) and also "Celtic Inheritance" in Australia
Gary Hastings Great Belfast flute player Appears on a number of recordings, including Slán le Lough Eírne, with Séamus Quinn; Music for Peace (with Frankie Gavin); With Fife and Drum.
Hatao A Japanese flute player who plays Irish music and his own compositions First solo album "enishi" features Hatao's flute and whistle playing, accompanied by other local musicians. Available from CD Baby.
Deirdre Havlin Excellent flute player from Co. Antrim; recorded with the group Deanta. Recordings can be found on the Green Linnet label.
Dan Healy South Sligo flute player with a classic traditional style, uses a flute made by Hammy Hamilton. Album "The Windy Turn, with C. O'Raghallaigh (fiddle), DHCD 001, distributed by Claddagh. A new album may be available in 2001.
Skip Healy Excellent New England-based flute, fife, and whistle player. Maker of flutes and some fine tunes. Read an interview with Skip by John Harvey. CD "Purgatory Chasm" released in February 2001. Other CDs are "Farewell New England Shores," and two older recordings ("Empty Pockets," and "Live in New York." See Skip's Web site for details on availability of his recordings.
Tommy Healy A Sligo flute player "Memories of Sligo" with Johnny Duffy (fiddle) Ossian OSS 46.
Shannon Heaton Boston-based flute player Several recordings with the group Siucra
Kevin Henry Chicago-based flute player and storyteller, originally from Sligo. Brother of the fiddler Johnny "Watt" Henry. CD "One's Own Place," showcasing his flute playing and recitations, is available through Bogfire .
Marcus Hernon Brilliant flute player from Connemara Solo cassette "Marcus Hernon: Traditional Irish Music played on the Concert Flute" distributed by GTD Heritage Recording Co., Ballybane Industrial Estate, Galway. There's also a recording of Marcus with his accordion-playing brother P.J. Hernon, "Beal a Mhurlaigh," on Gael-Linn CEF CD 141, and a more recent one entitled "The Grouse in the Heather," devoted to tunes composed by Marcus.
Peter Horan Sligo flute and fiddle player, best known for his many years of playing duets with fiddler Fred Finn. "Music of Sligo," classic recording with Fred Finn, available from Comhaltas. "Fortune Favours the Merry," with Gerry Harrington (fiddle) and Ollie Ross (piano) released in 2005 by Clo Iar Chonnachta.
Niall Keegan Jazzy, inventive, and very forceful playing. Has recorded a solo album Don't Touch the Elk; also appears with other flute players Siobhan O'Donnel, P. Gallagher, T. Mc Elvogue, "Across the Water" Irish tradional music from England, Nimbus, NI 5415.
John Kelly Excellent Roscommon flute player Duet album "Fourmilehouse" (Blackbox BBM 2003) with his brother Alan Kelly on piano accordion. Available in the U.S. on the Compass Records label
Liam Kelly Great Sligo-born flute player, best known as the flute player with the band Dervish. See recordings by Dervish.
Frankie Kennedy The late Frankie Kennedy was a fine flute player from Belfast, whose style and settings became influential as the band Altan grew in popularity during the late 1980s. A tribute to Frankie can be found here. Albums with Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh and with Altan are available through Green Linnet.
Nuala Kennedy Fine contemporary-style Irish flute player and singer from Dundalk, Co. Louth, now based in Scotland. Studied with Cathal McConnell. The New Shoes, CD released in 2007. See her website for this and other releases. She also has a myspace site where you can hear some tracks.
Barry Kerr From Armagh, very strong, staccato style of playing; also an excellent piper Album "The Three Sisters," Spring Records CD.
Michael King This young flute player from Newcastle West, Co. Limerick is a brilliant musician; he won the All-Ireland in his age class in '98. No recordings yet, but watch out!
Grey Larsen Fine, expressive and versatile flute player from America. Has recorded solo, with Paddy League, with Metamora, and earlier recordings with Malcolm Dalglish). See our interview for a discography. See Grey's Web site for details on his recordings.
Christopher Layer Versatile New York-based flute player and piper, can be heard in several bands. Christopher's blog has details on appearances and recordings.
Fionnghuala Leahy Excellent flute player based near New York City; Northern Ireland/Roscommon style with uilleann piping techniques and a flowing style. Co-founded the group "Ground Plan" in the 1980's with sister Andi Leahy; Eileen Ivers also played in the band. Look for her in NYC sessions at Mona's and Paddy Reilly's. CDs and website in the works; details will be added here as they become available.
John Lee All-Ireland flute player from Leitrim. With Seamus Macguire and Arty McGlynn, "The Missing Reel," Gael Linn, CEF 146. Great album with lots of rare Leitrim tunes and settings.
Eogahn MacAogain Flute player from Limerick. Two CDs, "The Clare Hills," and "Le Fonn" available through his web site
Joanie Madden Fine, strong player on Boehm-system silver flute, low whistle, and whistle. Two solo recordings and several with Cherish the Ladies; most are available on Green Linnet or through the Cherish the Ladies web site.
Johnny McCarthy Fine flute player from Co. Cork Album "Fool's Dream," with Pat Crowley, Darra CD, TORCD 099. John McCarthy plays flute and fiddle on this album, with all new tunes composed by MacCarthy and/or Crowley.
Paul McGlinchey Three-time All Ireland senior flute champion from Tyrone Solo CD "Unearthed" released in 2008.
Harry McGowan Great flute player from Carrowdore, Co. Sligo. Can be heard on several compilations, including "The Mountain Road" and "A Musical Trip to Coleman Country" from the Coleman Music Centre.
Seamus MacMathuna Flute player from Cooraclare Cassette "Ceol Go Maidin" (CL-43), available from Ulstersongs, 10 Apollo Walk, Portrush, Co. Antrim, NT56 8HQ, Northern Ireland. Tel: +44 1265 825025.
Claire Mann Excellent Newcastle-based flute and fiddle player who won All Ireland Championships in '93 and '94. Can be heard on albums by the group Tabache, and she released a new solo CD in late 2001 -- details on her Web site.
Emer Mayock Talented young Dublin musician who plays flute, uilleann pipes, fiddle, and practically everything else. "Merry Bits of Timber," KeyCD 121, available from Claddagh. Also "Playground" released in 2001. Appears on a number of more recent recordings as well; see her Web site for details.
June McCormack See listing for June Ni Chormaic. See listing for June Ni Chormaic
Josie McDermott Late, great Sligo flute and whistle player, singer, tune composer, and multi-instrumentalist (even saxophone!). Classic album, "Darby's Farewell," Ossian OSS CD 20 is available from Ossian.
Cathal McConnell Great flute player and singer from Fermanagh Albums (solo and many recordings with Boys of the Lough) should be widely available; if not, try Claddagh or go directly to Lough Records, 31 Fountainhall Road, Edinburgh EH9 2LN, Scotland. Tel: +44 131 662 4992; Fax: +44 131 662 0956. Album "On Lough Erne's Shore" is a classic and is available on cassette from Ossian (OSS-69). Cathal recently released a new solo album "Long Expectant Comes At Last."
Catherine McEvoy Great Sligo/Roscommon style flute player, now living in Dublin. See our interview with Catherine. "Catherine McEvoy with Felix Dolan: Traditional Flute Music in the Sligo-Roscommon Style," on the Cló Iar-Chonnachta label. A brilliant stylist, very melodic playing and great lift. Her CD was listed as the best solo Irish traditional recording of 1997 by Don Meade in the Irish Voice. CD can be purchased via CIC's web site
Michael McGoldrick Very popular (and busy!) Irish flute player, piper, and whistle player based in England. CDs include "Fused", "Morning Rory (Aughrim records), Michael McGoldrick and Dez Donnelly, "Champions of the North" (Magnetic Music), and also with Toss the Feathers, on Magnetic Music label, and Flook! with Brian Finnegan. The "Flook! Live" CD is on the Small label, no. CD9405. McGoldrick is now part of the Capercaille and also can be heard on Yorkshire singer Kate Rusby's CDs. Released a duet album with piper John McSherry in 2001.
Peg McGrath The late Peg McGrath was a brilliant flute player and inspired many other women to start playing Irish music on the flute. Excellent album "Cherish the Ladies," with Mary Mulholland (piano) and Kathleen Smyth (fiddle) is available on Outlet, PTI CD 1043.
Paul McGratten Accomplished, powerful flute player from Ireland New album “Keel West” was released in January 2003, available from Claddagh. The Frost is All Over," Claddagh CCF58CD; McGrattan and Paul O'Shaughnessy, "Within a Mile of Dublin," Foetain, distributed by Claddagh. Also appears on "Music at Matt Molloy's," Realworld CD RW 26, and plays on a few tracks with Hammy Hamilton on Hammy's solo tape, and plays with the group "Beginish."
John McKenna Very influential Leitrim flute player. See biographical information at this site "John McKenna, His Original Recordings (1921-1937)" is available on cassette on the Viva Voce label. May be available from Paul Cranford
Skip McKinley Connecticut-based Irish flute player and composer; see his bio for details. Recordings include "Fairyales," released in 2009, and an earlier release "The Executive Session." Fairytales is available from CDBaby (sound samples available)
Michael and Ciaran McNamara Flute players from Leitrim's McNamara Family. nbsp;"Leitrim's Hidden Treasure" with other members of the McNamara family -- an excellent album with pipes, flutes, fiddle, concertina, and other instruments, featuring rarely heard South Leitrim tunes and unusual settings of common tunes. 1998, Drumlin Records. Albums may be ordered directly from the family; e-mail them at mcnamara@irish-music.net.
Martin Meehan Flute player originally from Manchester, UK, now living in Armagh. Album, "Three's Company," with Martin Meehan (flute, bodhran), Arty McGlynn (guitar), Paul Meehan (guitar), Caoimhin Vallely (keyboard, piano), Colm Gannon (accordion), Paul Bradley (fiddle), Donnacha Moynihan (guitar), Tim Edey (guitar), Sorcha Meehan (fiddle), Martin Leahy (drums, percussion)
Sean Moloney Galway style playing on Boehm-system and simple-system flutes. Sean is one of the Moloneys of Ballinakill; son of Eddie Moloney and grandson of Stephen Moloney. Two new solo CDs (2004), "Music on the Wind" and "Potsticks." Music on the Wind focuses more on the Boehm-system flute. Earlier album "Bridging the Gap" with K. Moloney (fiddle), MOL 001, is distributed by Gael-Linn.
Matt Molloy Considered by many people to be the finest and most musical Irish flute player living today. Rich, flowing style that draws on uilleann piping techniques as well as traditional flute styles. See the interview here in the flute guide. Four solo albums, plus recordings with the Bothy Band, Planxty, and the Chieftains. Two of his solo albums, Bothy Band recordings, the classic album with Paul Brady and Tommy Peoples, and "Contentment is Wealth," another classic with fiddler Sean Keane, are available through Green Linnet. His second solo album, "The Heathery Breeze" was picked up by Shanachie, and his most recent, "Shadows on Stone," is out on Virgin. Chieftains records are available through many outlets. Also check out Matt Molloy, Sean Keane, Liam O'Flynn: "The Fire Aflame," on Claddagh (CCF30CD), and "Music at Matt Molloy's," Realworld, CD RW 26.
Mick Mulvey Mick's playing style is heavily influenced by his long association with his father Tom Mulvey's native Leitrim/Roscommon borderlands and his love of the old flute players of that region, particularly John McKenna, Packie Duignan and Josie McDermott. Debut album Within a mile o'Jamestown was launched at the 2003 Return to Camden Town Festival. It includes fiddle/flute duet track's with Brian Rooney and Karen Ryan. The CD is available at the usual specialist outlets or direct from from Mick at mickmulveymusic@gmail.com. His second solo recording, Bridging the Gap was officially launched by Dr Reg Hall at the Return to Camden Town Festival in the London Irish Centre in October 2009. The Irish launches include the Session at the Shannon in Carrick-on-Shannon and a later launch in April 2010 at the Leitrim Fleadh. The CD is a lively mix of reels, jigs, slipjigs, hornpipes and barndances including four fiddle/flute duet tracks with Dublin fiddle-player Dermot Burke and Roscommon's Mossie Martin. Mick is also joined by Pete Quinn (London Lasses) on piano and Jackie Wynne on guitars. The CD is available through all the usual specialist websites and retail outlets, and direct from Mick at mickmulveymusic@gmail.com. Further details at Mick's website
Jimmy Noonan Excellent Boston-based flute player with Clare roots. CD with Chris McGrath on concertina and fiddle, Ted Davis on guitar, and Mike Shorrock on bouzouki (June 2001 release), "The Maple Leaf" is on the Windjam label
Chris Norman Chris has recorded widely with Helicon, the Baltimore Consort, with Alasdair Fraser, and the band Skyedance, as well as guest appearances on a number of other recordings. Runs the Boxwood Festival/Workshop in Nova Scotia each summer featuring classes, dances, and concerts with leading wooden flute players from a variety of traditions and disciplines. Two solo albums, "The Man with the Wooden Flute" and "Beauty of the North." He's also got a lullabye album with singer Custer LaRue and harpist Kim Robertson. Much of his work is available on the Dorian label. See his website for details.
Laurence Nugent Chicago-based flute and whistle player originally from Fermanagh. Three albums on Shanachie
Brian O'Connor Very good flute and low whistle player living in Germany. Album "Come West Along the Road," Magnetic Music Verlag MMR CD 1013
Mick O'Connor Excellent Dublin-based flute player Cassette with Charlie Lennon, "Lucky in love," CCE label distributed by Ossian
Noel O'Donoghue From Kilfenora, Co. Clare. Plays with the group Moher CD “Over the Edge” by the group Moher.
Colm O'Donnell Great South Sligo flute player and singer "Farewell to Evening Dances" is available on the BogFire label; he can also be heard on the compilation "The Mountain Road" from the Coleman Heritage Center, Gurteen, Co. Sligo.
Gerry O'Donnell Excellent Northern flute player; currently often plays in concert with Gerry O'Connor the fiddle player. He also played in the group Sean Nua with Jo and Antoinette McKenna. Sean Nua's CD is available from Shanachie.
Conal O'Grada Brilliant flute player from Co. Cork. Very forceful, breathy style. One of the organizers of the Scoiltrad online music school. CD "Top of Com" on Claddagh. Also contributes two standout tracks on Colm Murphy's "An Bodhran: The Irish Drum," on Gael-Linn.
Murrough O'Kane From Dungiven, in County Derry in the North of Ireland. Founder member of Óige, the band that brought singer Cara Dillon to recognition. Son of bodhrán player and maker Seamus O'Kane. Óige - Bang on (LOCHSHORE CDLDL 1241)
Óige - Live (LOCHSHORE CDLDL 1225)
Óige - Inspiration (ALANNA RECORDS ALA 007)
Alive in Belfast (compilation)
Evolving tradition (compilation)
Web site: www.tradcentre.com/oige
Marcas O'Murchu Great Belfast flute player and singer Album "Ó Bhéal go Béal" is on Cló Iar-Chonnachta label, CICD 126.
Donal O'Sullivan From Carrickerry West, Co Limerick. An outstanding West Limerick traditional flute player. Easy flowing style with the unique ornamentation of the west Limerick tradition. Donie plays with Taylor's Cross Band and has made two recordings, one with Na Ridiri and the second with the late Martin Mulvihill entitled The Humours of Glin.
Eoghan O'Sullivan Best known as the accordion player with "The Smoky Chimney,", Eoghan is also one of the very finest flute players I have ever heard. A brief taste of his playing can be heard on the album "Sceal Eile" (Mulligan label) with fiddler Gerry Harrington
Douglas Pincock Scottish player of wind instruments. Album "Something blew" CDTRAX 080. Greentrax.
Mike Rafferty Great East Galway flute player living in the U.S., beautiful style with a classic Galway "pulse." Has four fine CDs available, including a new one (Speed 78) in 2004: "The Dangerous Reel,", "The Old Fireside Music," "The Road From Ballinakill," and "Speed 78." To order, visit the Rafferty family's Web site.
Loretto Reid Popular Sligo flute and whistleplayer now living in Canada. A serious bender of notes. Her home page has details on recordings.
Noel Rice Great player of Irish music on the Boehm-system flute. Originally from Co. Offaly, now living in Chicago. Plays with the group Baal Tinne, which he founded in the 1980s. Also founded Chicago's Academy of Irish Music.

Three tracks from Baal Tinne's latest CD, “The Dawn.” can be heard here. Also three tracks from "CRUINN", a CD of the Academy of Irish Music can be heard online.

Mark Roberts Excellent American flute player who recorded with Touchstone, on the soundtrack for Secret of Roan Inish, The Sevens, and other recordings. Touchstone albums are available through Green Linnet. Mark plays in several New England-based bands, including The Sevens with the great Vermont fiddler Sarah Blair. The Sevens' CD was released in 1999.
John Rynne Great flute player from Ennis, Co. Clare. Can be heard on Wooden Flute Obsession Vol. 3.
Paul Roche Flute player with the group Stockton's Wing. May be heard on any of the Stocktons Wing albums (Tara label).
Ronan Ryan Flute player from Co. Limerick, plays with the group Turas. Album "Turas" (Dolmen records, 1997)
Garry Shannon All-Ireland flute champion in the mid-1980s. See our interview with Garry. Recording with Orfhlaith Ni Brain, "Loose the Head," GTD Heritage label, distributed by Ossian. Other CDs include "Loozin' Air" and "Punctured." For details see his website.
Roger Sherlock Great Sligo flute player who was a fixture in the London Irish music scene for many years. Albums include "Memories of Sligo," "At Their Best" (with fiddler Sean Maguire).
Jonathan Shorland Flute player and piper best known for playing Welsh music; was co-founder of the group Fernhill; has recorded and performed with Brigitte Kloareg, bluehorses, Celtish, Juice, Saith Rhyfeddod, and others. Currently plays with the band Primaeval Several sites for albums by Fernhill are available online (Shorland left the band in 1999). Also check out the website of Primaeval (includes sound samples).
Michel Sikiotakis Flute player based in Paris, mostly plays traditional Irish music. Plays with the groups Mugar, Fubu, and Taxi Mauve, also duet with Robin Bullock. See his Web site for details
John Skelton Noted flute player with The House Band. See our interview with John. Solo CD on Pan Records, and also several recordings with the House Band, available from Green Linnet. John has privately issued a recording of tunes that he teaches his flute students, which should be available through Celtic Grooves imports.
Calum Stewart Scottish flute player Solo album Earlywood and recordings with several other groups, including One Fine Day, Mabon, and Calumheikki.
Seamus Tansey Famous flute player from Sligo, strong and energetic style with lots of ornamentation and penetrating tone. "Easter Snow," available from Claddagh, plus a number of other recordings. Check out "The Best of Seamus Tansey," Outlet PTICD1007; "Seamus Tansey: Jigs, Reels, and Airs," GTD Heritage, HSMCD 028020. Also "To Hell with the Begrudgers," with Jim McKillop on fiddle. SUNCD 30.
Paddy Taylor Lovely flute player originally from Limerick, died in 1976. "The Boy in the Gap" Traditional music from Limerick and Clare, Claddagh 4CC8.
Jean-Luc Thomas Excellent Breton flute player, one of my personal favorites Can be heard on several recordings, including the brilliant bands Dibben (with Annie Ebrel) and Hastan. He has a new (2001) solo album entitled Kej. Also appears on the Bro Dreger compilation albums of Breton flute players.
Michael Tubridy Played flute with the Chieftains for many years; an excellent flute and concertina player. His solo album "The Eagle's Whistle" is available on CD from Claddagh (catalogue number CC27CD).
Fintan Vallely Northern flute player, powerful style. "The Starry Lane to Monaghan" Whinstone Discs, 15 Castlewood Terrace, Rathmines, Dublin 6, Ireland. Catalogue number WHN 101.
Jean-Michel Veillon The man who brought the wooden flute into the Breton tradition. See our interview with Jean-Michel. See our interview for a discography. Also check out Jean-Michel's official Web site and the Stalig Web site. To find recordings in the US, contact Dick Abrams.
Garry Walsh Excellent Co. Cork flute player with strong, free flowing sweet style, with excellent tone and breath control. Garry's CD "Uncovered" was released in September 2004 on the Ossian label [since acquired and now available from Clo Iar-Chonnachta], featuring old tunes from Co. Louth and Co. Cork passed down from his parents and grandparents.
Mat Walklate Flute and harmonica player from Manchester, UK. Nice old-style sound "Harmonica and Flute," released in January 2003. Available from his Web site. "Cold in April" released in 2006. Also plays in the band Skirm.
Desi Wilkinson Great Belfast flute player who now plays with the group Cran. New CD released in 2001; details forthcoming. Earlier album "The Three piece flute," Spring Records, CSP 1009, distributed by Ossian and Claddagh. Now available on CD as well as tape. Has also recorded three albums with the group Cran, and has appeared on other recordings, such as Cosa Gan Bhróga (Gael-Linn) with Gerry O'Connor and Eithne Ní Uallacháin. See our interview with Desi.
Nicholas Williams Flute player based in Montréal; plays Celtic, Québecois, Indian, and other music on wooden and bamboo flutes. See Nicholas's website for details on recordings.
John Wynne Excellent flute player with the Dublin-based band Providence. Has his own solo CD "With Every Breath.", also can be heard on recordings by the band Providence.
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Anthologies and Collections

Check out the cassette "Tribute to Pakie Duignan (Arigna)," published by the Joe Mooney Summer School (JMSS CT001), $15.00. This tape of a live concert from 1995 includes performances by a number of great flute players, especially Tommy Guihen, Patsy Hanly, and Conal O'Grada. Also fine playing by Mick Woods, Joe Burke, Mai Baxter, Brenda Sweeney, and Joe Skelton. The tape is available directly from Nancy Woods at the Joe Mooney Summer School, Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim, Ireland. Tel: +353-78-41213.

The Flute Players of Roscommon, Volume 1, released in 2004, is a fantastic anthology of great players from this flute-rich county, including Patsy Hanly, Tommy Guihen, Catherine McEvoy, John Kelly, John Carlos, Pat Finn, John Wynne, Brian Duke, John P. Carty, Frank Jordan, Patsy McNamara, and Bernard Flaherty. Very highly recommended. Available from roscommonarts.com

Cumar, on the Cló-Iar Chonnacta label, features younger or little-recorded traditional Irish instrumentalists and sean-nós singers from a concert at the 1999 Cumar festival in Connemara. The CD includes the brilliant flute playing of June Ní Chormaic, a superb whistle solo by Róisin Nic Dhonncha, an air and reel on flute by Neansai Ní Choisdealbha, a set of jigs on the flute by Sarah-Jane Woods, and a set of reels by Limerick flute player Siobhán Ní Chonaráin, along with great performances by others on fiddle, accordion, concertina, and voice.

Wooden Flute Obsession, a multi-volume series produced by California flute player Kevin Krell's "International Traditional Music Society," is a great introduction to a wide range of flute-playing styles. The CDs feature previously released tracks (plus some forthcoming releases) from recordings by dozens of flute players, mostly on wooden flute, and mostly playing Irish music. You can order direct from the International Traditional Music Society, from the Woodenflute Web site, or from Celtic Grooves.

The CD "Southerly Breeze" is devoted to Irish flute music from Australia. It includes six Australian flute players (one is flute maker Terry McGee). CRACD 002. May be ordered directly from Terry McGee.

Other Traditional Music on Wooden Flute

If you want to hear a wider range of traditional tunes on the wooden flute, listen to The Orange Tree, Grey Larsen's record of Québequois music with André Marchand; Jean-Michel Veillon's stupendous solo albums of Breton and Irish music, and his work with the Breton groups Kornog and Pennou Skoulm; Chris Norman's album of Cape Breton tunes and his recordings with Helicon, the Baltimore Consort, and Skyedance (w/Alasdair Fraser); or Sarah Bauhan's three solo albums, which include Scottish, Irish, New England contradance, and originally composed music.

Many people view Jean-Michel Veillon as the finest simple-system flute player today. His solo albums, E Koad Nizan (1993) and Pont Gwenn ha Pont Stang (1995, with guitarist Yvon Riou), are beautiful and powerful, with brilliant playing throughout. Very highly recommended.

In the U.S., you can order some of Veillon's solo albums from his father-in-law, Dick Abrams.

Other Veillon recordings are available through the distributor Stalig

Also recommended is the playing of Jean-Luc Thomas, another excellent Breton flute player (see listing above). To find these and other recordings of Breton flute players (including Y. Alory, H. Guillo, Patrick Mollard, Jean-Michel Veillon), contact:

Coop Brezh Diffusion
29540 Spézet, France
Fax: +33 2 98 93 87 97

Recordings are also available from the Stalig Web site.

Other sources for Breton recordings include:

Keltia Music
1, Place au Beurre
29 000 Quimper

In the U.S., Dusty Strings acoustic music shop in Seattle, Washington (Tel: 206-634-1662) imports a full line of Breton recordings and books directly from Coop Breizh.

You can also find out more about Breton music and Jean-Michel Veillon via the Bretagne Music Online web page.

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