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Getting Started on the Irish Flute

Mick Hand
Mick Hand, photo copyright Peter Laban, Miltown Malbay

This section will help you choose a flute, find an instructor, and find resources to help you learn how to play.

Choosing a Flute

Information to help you choose between a simple-system or Boehm-system flute.

Choosing a Simple-System Flute

If you decide you want a simple-system flute (the kind most commonly used for playing Irish traditional music), you'll find more detailed information here on how to choose an instrument.

Learning to Play

General tips and advice on playing Irish music on the flute, information on finding an instructor, and a list of books and online resources for learning.

Other Useful Resources for Beginners

Once you know what kind of flute you are looking for, visit the directory of flute makers and dealers.

You can learn a lot about Irish flute playing by listening carefully to good players. Visit the list of recommended players for suggestions.

The interviews section also contains lots of good advice and perspective from some of the best traditional wooden flute players and makers in the world today.