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This site is far from the only online resource for information on Irish and other flutes. Check out these great sites below!

Wooden Flute Sites

Session with pipes, box, and flute
Michael Falsey (pipes), Mary Jo Sexton (box), and Gabi Wagner (flute). Photo copyright Peter Laban, Miltown Malbay

Terry McGee, an Australian flute maker, has a site with lots of useful information for flute players, including a fingering chart for simple-system flute.

Rob Greenway, a flute player based in Washington, DC, has a site offering much good advice on holding the flute, tone, breath control, ornamentation, and more.

The Flow, a site by Edinburgh flute player Gordon Turnbull, focuses on different styles of Irish flute playing and includes an extensive flute discography.

The Wooden Flute Home Page, by Larry Owens, has useful information on wooden flutes, a collection of links, a buy-and-sell page similar to the Wooden Flute Exchange, and instructions for signing up on his woodenflute listserv.

Grey Larsen's site includes useful resources for Irish flute players, including information on his Essential Guide to Irish Flute and Tin Whistle, published by Mel Bay.

The Chiff and Fipple Flute Forum (hosted by one of the most entertaining Web sites I've ever seen) is worth checking out.

General Flute Websites

If you want to play Irish music on the Boehm-system flute, you may want to check out the Tie the Ribbons Blog, by Eden Ellis, in which she explores her journey in playing traditional Irish music on the Boehm-system flute.

The flutes.tk site offers many links and resources for flute players.

You can find links to (mostly classical) flute sites, dealers, and makers from Larry Kranz's flute page and Jenny Grady's home page.

David and Nina Shorey have a nice site on antique flutes.

The Dayton C. Miller Collection of flutes at the Smithsonian Institution

The Flute Network (mostly classical)

Folkers and Powell Baroque Flute Site (wooden flutes, but classical orientation)

Woodwind Quarterly (Excellent publication that often covers wooden flute topics)

Find a Flute Teacher The Betterfly site has a large, location-searchable listing of flute teachers.

Venues for Buying or Selling Wooden Flutes

The Irish Flute Store This site offers both new and used flutes for sale.

Vintage Flutes This site usually lists a few interesting old flutes for sale, not necessarily simple-system.

eBay Popular auction site that frequently lists wooden flutes for sale.

The Chiff and Fipple Flute Forum often has advertisements for flute for sale.

The Wooden Flute site also has a page advertising flutes for sale.

Woodenflute listserv This listserv frequently has announcements of flutes for sale.

IRTRAD Archive If the daily onslaught of IRTRAD listserv messages in your e-mail box is overwhelming to you, just check the archive once a month or so to see if there's anything of interest. Sometimes people will post notices of flutes for sale.

Flute Listservs

Woodenflute list, operated by Larry Owens. Many Irish flute players are on the list, also classical players, flute makers, and others interested in wooden flutes.

The FLUTE list has more than 1000 subscribers worldwide. Mostly classical in focus, but not exclusively.

Other Flute Resources

Flute Talk (a magazine for all flute players; one-year subscription is $15)
200 Northfield Road
Northfield, IL 60093
Tel: +1 708 446 8550

US National Flute Association
(4500 members, though presumably not all playing Irish flute!)
PO Box 800597
Santa Clarita, CA 91380-0597
Tel: +1 805 297 5287; Fax: +1 805 297 0753