Known Composers And Their Tunes

Some of the tunes in Second Wind were composed by known musicians. So far, several of these great composers have graciously sent in their own material for inclusion on this website.

The tunes were converted to abc by Lesl Harker and transformed into dots by the Tune-o-Tron.

Tune numbers below refer to the book where you can find Mike's settings of these tunes.

Here are the originals in numerical order from the musicians who composed them. Click on the link for each tune title to see a transcription (PDF file). You can also download an abc file with transcriptions of these tunes.

Composer Tune Title
Tim Tully 318. Ard Aoibhinn
Josephine Keegan 353. Cap and Bells
Paul Wells 410. The Bower
Anne Conroy Burke 462. Currants for Cakes and Raisins for Everything
Martin Mulhaire 600. The Old Bog Road
Martin Mulhaire 601. Grandpa Tommie's Ceili Band