About the Books

March 2009: "Second Wind" with transcriptions of 300 more tunes from Mike Rafferty is now available! See details below.

Mike Rafferty

300 Tunes from Mike Rafferty was published in 2006 and contains Lesl Harker's first 300 lesson tunes from Mike transcribed into western-music notation, indexes, and some notes about the tunes (mostly only what Mike told Lesl about them). The book contains 142 sides, and is soft cover, spiral bound. Size is 8.5 x 11 inches. You may view an image of the cover, a PDF file with a sample inside page, and a PDF of the table of contents.

Second Wind was published in 2009 and has 300 more tunes. Like the first book it has a soft cover and is spiral bound. It includes some photos, a discography that lists tunes in the book that he has recorded, and stories from Mike about the tunes. Here's an image of the cover, a PDF file with a sample inside page, and a PDF of the list of tunes.

Non-flute players should note that both of these book are transcribed from Mike's own flute settings, which means that some notes may appear to be "missing" due to breaths. Nevertheless they are also very playable by instruments other than flute. 

This site contains ordering information for both books, frequently asked questions, detailed background on many of the tunes, testimonials from people who've bought the books, a list of errata, and a list of known composers of tunes published in Second Wind (along with transcriptions of their own original versions). The site also includes a discography-book table that allows you to see which tunes in the books have been recorded on which of Mike Rafferty's CDs.

Be sure to visit the Links page for links to a number of videos of Mike, along with other useful resources.