Haiku and Hyperku

A few years ago I got into writing haiku. (Well, haiku-like poems to be precise. Real haiku is written in Japanese) I don't do it much anymore, but saved the ones I liked. Here they are:

Trade my fresh green beans
for your plump calamari
summer squid pro quo


Remember the mills
that once lined these riverbanks
eating sweat and dreams


Single pine siskin
in a flock of goldfinches
does he feel alone?


Cosy as two mice
in a shot glass, we waited
for the rain to end


I also played around with something I call hyperku, but I'm not sure I like the idea:

Click on words to find
our lost imagination
follow links, like sheep

Haiku was originally part of something called linked verse (hyperku is a play on that term). Here's one I wrote in the form of haiku no renga:

I envy the fox
the ultimate Zen creature
always here and now

No new year's resolutions;
no need to start again, fresh

Trapped by possessions
we cry for freedom, for things
a fox does not want

Eat, drink, mate, sleep, that's it
for a fox this is enough

I envy the fox
but I want to be human
preferring to yearn.